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What makes Mike different? It’s a little thing, really. I mean, it’s crystal-clear that the insight he provides on his daily YouTube videos comes from a place of true subject-matter mastery. If you have a question about anything blockchain (doesn’t matter how dumb it is – trust me on this one), if there’s a concept that’s just beyond grasp, or if you want an expert’s analysis on an ICO — Mike’s channel is already the premier resource for thousands of noobs just like you (okay, me too). And if you’re a noob like me… I bet you’ve lost track of all the times a video just isn’t enough to cut through the fat or read between the lines of a whitepaper and understand what’s truly important about what’s being ‘said’ (or what’s truly important that is not being said). Admit it: sometimes, it takes a little “crypto-tough love” to really drive the point across — and that is where having personal access makes all the difference. Mike doesn’t mince words. He lays it out so even the most inept can see the forest for the trees. He doesn’t give coin picks. What he does is so much more important than that –  he explains the tech and the market and all the other ump-teen thousand variables so you can arrive at a thoughtful, well-reasoned decision on your own. He’s not interested in giving a man a fish. He’s not here to feed anyone for a day. Mike does what so many other crypto experts fail to do – he actually teaches you how to fish. And that, when push comes to shove, is the one little difference that ends up making all the difference.

Mark S.

I have started to use Mike’s personal consulting services one and half years ago. My financial situation has significantly improved since then. I was taught how to take full control of my finance and have real view of my money flow. He introduced me to CryptoCurrency world and the technical features. His analysis always included risk assessment and recommendations.
I have full trust in his advice since his results speak for themselves.

Michelle F.

I have followed Mike since almost the beginning. I have watched him help countless people understand the crazy world of cryptocurrencies. He has helped victims of theft, people with technical issues and people wanting to find the most disruptive ideas and systems around.
I have used his insight and technical knowledge to increase my wealth and become more financially stable.

Rob A.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

Cryptoadvisors does not offer refunds.

Why should I pay you if you don't offer financial advice

The blockchain sector changes at an extreme pace and there are few resources to track the sector developments

What is a cryptocurrency?
A cryptocurrency is a virtual medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new units. In short term, cryptocurrency represents money in digital form. It is based on cryptography, networking and open-source software. It lets people avoid fees that banks charge and take part in non-cash transactions anonymously while still guaranteeing that transactions would be secure.
What can I use cryptocurrencies for?

Anything you would use regular money for and an unlimited number of other cases! And with a growing market more and more companies are following this innovation cycle.

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